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Shifter Higher Institute for
Transformative Educational Research

A Word from Our Headmaster

I welcome all you new students, those born shifters and those new shifters joining our ranks. Each year the Shifter Higher Institute welcomes a diverse class of students to our hallow halls of greatness. We strive to provide an education that not only embraces your unique abilities but cultivates the best and awakens not just our animal instincts but our true humanity.

As St. Augustine ones said about our kind, "Yet their mind did not become bestial, but remained rational and human."

You are about to embark on a new quest for knowledge. You are our future, for a brighter Shifter World.  


Homo homini lupus

-The Headmaster

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The mission of the Shifter Higher Institute is to provide shifters a proper education to either fully integrate and survive in either the human world or shifter community. Its high school academic program conforms to both the requirements of the California Department of Education as per approval by the United Pack of American Werecreatures and the standards required by the World Transformation Forum. 

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Shifter School is an accredited high school with the World Transformation Forum

2020 (C) TransformARTive

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