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Would've Bit You is a slice of life romance comic about two shapeshifters. Evan the jock football captain who ends up becoming a weremouse and Conner the top student who comes from a family of snake shifters. 

A queer comic that focuses on the asexual experience and relationships, as well as the struggle with high school life when living with a secret form.

first posted on twitter, the comic is now available
 on webtoons and in physical form at our convention booths.  


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Life Saver is a shonen inspired comic about a high schooler who gain superpowers after a cosmic event whipped out most of the world's heroes. Well... he thinks it's a superpower, his friend thinks he is the one who needs constant saving,


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Our flagship Inanimorphs anthology showcases a lot of one shot and pilot comics from a range of talented comic artists, all deal with the theme of transformation and identity and all the symbolism that might present. 

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