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Convention exclusive artwork


Raised in a Taishanese Taoist shamanic family, the art of tarot was always a passion of the artist. This has inspired various original and fan based tarot decks including the Journey of the Animal Major Arcana and Animal Kingdom Tarot Deck.

Laminated furry and LGBT pride badges and shapeshifter and transformation themed artwork and merch also is a popular feature of this booth including lanyards, scarfs, towels, and other items.

Enamel pins

The artist has professionally designed pins for various groups, conventions, and companies, including freelance designs for Disney and sponsor and con store pins for many conventions including BABSCon, TrotCon, HarmonyCon, and others. Pins have also been made for publishers and groups like West Point of the West book release, Con Artist webcomic, and Agent of Baltimore comic book series.

Furry & Pride Flags

A professional flag designer, Inanimorphs been designing flags for conventions, clubs, military units, schools, academies, and fan groups for over ten years. Their flags have been a common sight at furry and comic cons, worn by fursuiters or flown at furry parades. For furry cons, the booth sells flags that specifically cater to the furry fandom including LGBT pride flags and local flag designs.

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