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About the artist

Professional artist, published author, and historian known for original, freelance, and fan work. Long time veteran artist of the convention vending scene from comic conventions to furry cons. Specializes in enamel pin, coins, playing card, coat of arms, seals, and flag designs. Freelance work done for Arcadia Publishing, ACME Pins, Legend Toys, Disney, IDW, Top Shelf, 4DE, and various companies, schools, military units. Raised in a traditional Taoist shamanic family, the artist later studied genetic biology at Johns Hopkins, and now spends full time work decided to drawing and writing history books. 

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icon 2018 inanimorphs switch inanimax2.p

List of conventions vended at since 2019 include San Diego Comic Con, Baltimore Comic Con, Emerald City Comic Con, A-Kon, Otakon, AnimeExpo, AnimeUSA, Animanga, San Japan, AnthroCon, Midwest Furfest, Furry Fiestia, BLFC, Anime Weekend Atlanta, BronyCon, Everfree Northwest, PoNYCon, Whinny City PonyCon, Big Apple Ponycon,  Regeneration WHO, and others.


Conventions invited as a Guest of Honor, Guest Speaker, Community Guest, or Guest Panelist include  BABSCon, Balticon, TrotCon, Ponyville Ciderfest, JohnCon, HarmonyCon, St. Louis Crystal Fair, Anthro Northwest, and others.

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