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Convention Booths

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Booth at Furry Cons

From AnthroCon to Further Confusion, the Inanimorphs booth is the place where furries can grab their pride badges and flags which are now a common sight being worn by furries at conventions. Unlike the other booths at anime and comic cons, the booths at furry conventions focuses mainly on original art and art based around species pride, LGBT pride, as well as transformation and shapeshifter themed artwork. At larger cons special themed badges, pins, and artwork is made based around the convention's theme and location.


Inanimorphs is also known for their panels at furry conventions including panels on the History of Transformation & Shapeshifters in Fiction,  the History and Psychology of Inanimate Transformation, Pool Toys and Plushies, and more.

Booth at Brony Cons

Known as the popular fan artist Chocolate Pony in the brony fandom, special booth set ups at brony cons focus more on artwork based around the fandom with the ever popular Equestria Tarot Deck and Pony Tarot Cards, original made card games such as Pony Racing, Changeling Takeover, and Horse Famous. 

Chocolate Pony has been a Guest of Honor or Community Guest at numerous brony cons including BABSCon, EFNW, TrotCon, HarmonyCon, Ponyville Ciderfest, St. Louis Crystal Fair, and others, known for fan favorite panels such as 100 Years of Narrative Art from Peter Pan to MLP, Reading Tarot the Pony Way, and History of the Brony Fandom.


Anime & Comic Cons

From comic cons like San Diego Comic Con to Baltimore Comic Con, and anime cons like AnimeExpo to Otakon, the artist has presented and released brand new comic books and tarot sets. Fan favorite tarot cards and enamel pins are available as well as information on the Convention History Project and special convention attendee pins, ribbons, and badges. 

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